children’s ministry

sunday at 10:30am

At Intentional, we believe that partnering with parents is the best way the teach children to know, love and follow Christ. Working together, we can instill in our kids a desire to know more about God, his Word and what it means to have a relationship with him. While the grown-ups attend the worship service, we offer a safe and fun environment where your kids will learn a Bible story, as well how that story points to Jesus and his love for us. And they’ll have a great time doing it!
We believe it’s vital that children learn from an early age to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, their forever friend! We’re committed to creating environments where kids can grow in wisdom, faith, and healthy friendships.

Your First Visit

When you first arrive at Intentional, one of our friendly greeters will meet you at the door. He or she will happily show you the way to our Kids Check-In area. There, one of our trained volunteers will guide you through the check-in process. After you have registered your child, you will then drop them off at the appropriate classroom. Your first time to check in will take a few minutes longer because we will get some information that enables us to provide a safe and fun environment for your kids. Once that information is in our database, your future check-ins should be fast and easy!


youth ministry

wednesday at 6:30pm


iStudents is about students in grades 6th-12th changing their culture for Jesus Christ. We exist to empower the next generation of leaders by creating environments and opportunities for them to LEARN about God, grow in their LOVE for God, discover how to LIVE for God in all aspects of their daily lives, and to LEAD others to Jesus. This is done through dynamic services filled with fun activities, energetic worship, and relevant messages.


women’s ministry

We believe that women are unique, relational, leaders and faithful servants of God. We gather once a month in prayer and worship to embrace women for who they are in life, to fellowship and to make friends beyond Instagram, Facebook or What’sApp. We constantly thrive to help them create experiences that grow their faith in powerful and resourceful ways for whatever life brings their way. We also provide them all the opportunities they need by means of conferences, seminars or workshops, in order to equip them to create an impact for the Love of Christ Jesus.


men’s ministry

Bringing together men of all ages to grow in relationship with each other and Jesus Christ; encouraging each other to be servant leaders in our families, church and communities.

Providing resources and support for men on their journey to knowing God and growing in their faith. Through small groups, special events, outreach opportunities, building projects and more, we form lasting relationships and live life together.

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